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Humble Set up ! Our Story Begins

Our Story Begins .. 

Mosquito Mosquito and Mosquito !!! 

Hi Guys, this is Ken, the product and marketing manager cum Co Founder of
This humble set up was a subsidiary of AioBeauty.

Mosquito is the most irritating creature in the earth and they have being in this world ever since The Era of dinosaur, I hate them, because years back my younger son, Devin was suffer from Dengue, and saw it from other disease that created by them.

In Singapore, our government take very careful with the dengue area, and educate the citizen in Singapore how to prevent it. Also the regulation to penalize whoever did not take action to prevent the mosquito to breed, it is a serious offence.
If you come to my house, I would say that is near to 99.9% you wont see a mosquito, is because I set up a Web Kind of things to prevent mosquito or insect to come into my house, and harm my family !!
I have this simple Vision, that everyone can have a Good and healthy harmless environment, therefore I work with our product team and vendor to create the brand of MosquitoNiteX which every household in the world will carry our brand and ‘Catch em all’ give us a GOOD NITE rest, from now lets BUZZ it OFF together !

Support our project, Together we can make this world better !! (Without Mosquito !!)

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Enjoy Guys and thank you for the support !
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