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Coffin Dance meme

#CoffinDanceMeme  #Pallbearers

“Stay at home or dance with us.” (with the signature laugh) That is the message these famous dancing pallbearers wish to spread amid the #COVID19 pandemic.⁠
You probably spotted those Ghanaian pallbearers all over social media - the song from their viral video is probably playing in your head right now.⁠
Nana Otafrija pallbearers are known for their extravagant outfits and dancing funeral services. They have turned into a viral meme, urging people to stay at home amid the coronavirus pandemic.⁠
However, their main goal is to celebrate the negative perceptions of funerals and encourage the celebration of life instead.⁠
💬Are you listening to the pallbearers’ advice by staying home?⁠

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Have Fun and Stay Healthy ~ 


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