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MosQI USB Portable Wearable Air Purifier (Premium Grade)

MosQI USB Portable Wearable Air Purifier (Premium Grade) - MosQi

MosQI USB Portable Wearable Air Purifier (Premium Grade)

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Protect yourself this cold and flu-season with the Wearable Mini Ionic Air Purifier.

Whether you are just going out to eat or going on vacation, be sure to
keep your personal space purified and protected at all times.


Proven to transform harmful pollutant particles such as viruses, pollen, mold, dust and smoke into clean fresh air. By releasing more
than six million negative ions, it removes contaminants and purifies
your personal space, for you and your family.


Works especially well for traveling on airplanes where air is recirculated and passengers are often sick. It is also great for when using public transportation, while at work or school, or a smokey environment. Get one for the whole family!

The built-in battery recharges fast with the included USB Charging Cable.


(Please Get what you need for your loves one) 

What is a Personal Air Filter?

These devices are miniature air ionizers, usually worn around the neck, that remove airborne pollutants and floating viruses and bacteria from your breathing space.

Good personal air purifiers use negative ions to clean the air of allergens and contaminants before you breathe them into your lungs. However, some poorly designed products on the market try to achieve the same result with ozone.

You’ll discover how to tell the difference and why these are best avoided ahead.


As we all know there is alot of Airborne Virus such as ( COVID-19) 

Why Would You Want a Personal Air Purifier Necklace?

If you live in a city like most people, then the air you breathe each day can be very polluted. Ground level ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and fine particle pollution are behind many respiratory problems like asthma and breathing difficulties.

Older people, and those with existing lung conditions, are at extra risk, but all of us can experience fatigue, lower immunity against disease and diminished health and energy when we breathe polluted air on a regular basis.


Capacity: <1L
Power (W): 1w
Voltage (V): Other
Noise: <36db
Humidification Method: Non-mist
Water-shortage Power-off Protection: No
Function: Other
Use: USB
Shape: Other
Application: <10㎡
Humidity Control: Manual
Classification: Humidification
Certification: ce
Model Number: WC7777
Mist Outlet Quantity: One/a
Power Type: USB
Type: Evaporative Humidifier
Timing Function: No
Installation: Mini
Mist Output (gallon / day): one/a
Humidifying Capacity: 30ml/h


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